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The Benefits Of Working With An Hpp Toller

As consumer demand for organic, cleaner labels, more nutrient rich ingredients, and fewer artificial ingredients increases,  food manufacturers are looking for ways to meet market demand while maintaining and improving product quality and taste. One way to accomplish this is to remove the preservatives from the recipe which can drastically shorten the product shelf life.

That’s where High Pressure Processing comes in, also known as HPP. Avure Technologies defines HHP as: “High Pressure Processing uses ultra high pressured water to keep packaged foods and beverages free from unsafe bacteria. It is an all natural technique that preserves the vitamins, taste and texture of the foods. HPP also extends the shelf life of foods which reduces waste – or the amount of food thrown away.” 

Check out Avure Technologies’ “What is High Pressure Processing” Video

Many of the foods you already buy at the grocery store are already processed using HPP;  such as juices, guacamole, salsas, dips, dressing, raw ground meats, deli salads, and ready to eat meats and meals.

Introducing HPP to current or new products presents the food manufacturers with a few obstacles.  To overcome these challenges, working with an HPP Toll Service Provider such as Keller Logistics Group’s affiliate Hydrofresh HPP, offers all the benefits of using High Pressure Processing without the capital or long term investment.

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Companies of all sizes will benefit from the HPP Toll Service Provider’s knowledge of the technology and their processing expertise. Additionally, project volumes may not justify the capital investment required for their own HPP machine.  They can avoid the capital investments and use these funds in other areas of their food operations.

Operating a High Pressure Processing machine comes with a significant capital investment along with the costs of overhead and maintenance. HPP machines are labor intensive to operate and can be expensive to maintain. Using an HPP toll service provider can eliminate the unknown costs and establish a fixed cost/lb. for your product.


Food safety is of utmost priority for food manufactures and consumers. High Pressure Processing’s post packaging processes reduce harmful bacteria and the sealed package does not allow for re-contamination.


For some products, traditional heat pasteurization is not ideal as the food nutrients are damaged during the process. Since HPP uses cold pressure, and no heat, it delivers food with better nutrients retention, better flavor, and can be preservative free, while maintain the fresh appearance and product quality  consumers desire. HPP Toll Service Providers have established quality programs and certifications to ensure the safety of your products. Hydrofresh HPP is both FDA & USDA certified.

Working with Hydrofresh HPP will give your company access to Avure Technologies’ in-house food science lab and microbiology services providing assistance with recipe development, process validation and ongoing support.

HPP Toll Service Providers that offer a complete HPP solution can provide you with value added packaging services such as secondary packaging and variety packs of your product post HPP processing. Cold storage and third party logistics providers can provide transportation and warehousing for all your HPP and logistics needs.

Future demand for HPP tolling services will increase significantly due to consumers’ demand for clean labels. Food manufacturers that are being proactive to meet the new consumer demands will have a competitive advantage over their competitors. Using an HPP Toll Service provider will help you provide the products customers are demanding along with the reduced capital investment and overhead, peace of mind of food safety and quality, and access to food scientists to help make your HPP product a success.

Visit Hydrofresh HPP website to learn more about their tolling service. 

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