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How To Create And Implement A Truckload Freight Strategy That Works

There can be plenty of uncertainty in the shipping and trucking business sectors. One way to reduce the chance of surprises is being proactive in creating and implementing an effective truckload freight strategy. An effective strategy can save time, money and plenty of headaches down the road.

What is the best way to start creating and implementing a truckload freight strategy?

When looking at the best providers for your business, you need to consider your business goals, shipment volume and expectations. Some options include privatizing a fleet, working with a core network of asset providers and/or working with a third party logistics provider (3PL). Many shippers decide on a combination of the last two. Regardless, when determining what carrier or 3PL provider to use, we recommend choosing just one.

Why only one?

By committing to a single carrier and single 3PL, you will find it substantially easier to plan well in advance and with consistent drivers and routes. It also allows you to scale based on volume, but perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to better manage the relationship with your provider.

How to choose a 3PL?

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best 3PL for your business. Perhaps the most critical is finding a 3PL with a diverse carrier pool that can meet your volume and capacity needs efficiently. The ideal 3PL will have the correct international or national capabilities in different transportation modes.

You also should look for a 3PL that takes safety and risk control seriously. The ability to keep drivers, equipment and your cargo safe is critical. Almost as important is the company’s capability to manage their operational practices and insurance.

Finally, never underestimate the added benefit of a partner who can offer advice and suggestions on best practices from their experiences. An established 3PL has insight into many different industries and can offer consulting beyond what is on the contract.

Contact us learn more about how Keller Logistics Group, an asset-based 3PL solutions provider, can help you plan and effectively implement a truckload freight strategy that works best for your business.

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