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How To Get Loads Covered And Increase Your Carrier Acceptance Rates

If you want to consistently secure capacity at good rates, you’ve got to make your freight appealing to carriers. And while it’s never been easy, getting your products delivered on time has never been more difficult than it is right now due to the current truckload market conditions.

Shippers need to always focus on finding ways to maximize carrier acceptance rates to keep their products moving and their customers happy.

Here are some of the best strategies to make your freight stand out:

1. Build Strong Relationships:

Just like in any other business, building strong relationships plays a crucial role in the world of trucking. Developing reliable connections with brokers, shippers, and freight forwarders can greatly increase your chances of getting loads covered. Take the time to understand their needs and communicate effectively to earn their trust.

2. Increase visibility

Carriers don’t like being left in the dark. Shippers that leverage their data to provide their logistics providers with plenty of lead time, accurate demand forecasting, and advanced notice of load ready times will always find it easier to secure more capacity by increasing the visibility for their partners, not to mention the overall efficiency of their shipping processes. Ensure that all your information, such as equipment type, availability, and desired rates, is up to date and accurate on load boards or any other platforms where you showcase your services. Being transparent about your capabilities and expectations helps brokers and carriers make informed decisions, reducing the chances of load rejections.

3. Optimize the loading process

Drivers are already dealing with excessive wait times that are severely cutting into their hours, so when you make their life easier by optimizing the loading process, you’re a lot more likely to increase the desirability of your freight. Whether that means having clearly marked signage, prepping paperwork, or staging loads ahead of time, anything that gets drivers in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible will get you far with carriers. As big as many detention charges may seem to be, they often do not cover the carriers’ real cost and drivers.

4. Be flexible

If you’re prone to canceling or changing loads at the last minute, you’re not leaving your carriers with much room to plan for your shipments. It’s important to be flexible and offer pickup/delivery windows, especially when you’re struggling to get trucks.

5. Optimize Your Operations and Facilities

Ask yourself if you’d personally choose to pick up or deliver to your facilities. Take a good look at your existing infrastructure because it could be time to start investing in some better equipment and technology. Big investments like these will save you money in the long run, but if you can’t afford to take that leap now, providing free wi-fi, nice waiting areas, and clean bathrooms can make a world of difference too.

If you show your providers that you respect their time and their drivers, you’ll develop more loyal and dependable relationships with carriers that will help you maximize freight acceptance rates and improve your bottom line.

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