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It’s Just An Inspection, Keep Calm!

Roadside inspections are a means of enforcement of the motor carrier safety laws established to help ensure a safer highway environment. Here are the top 10 Driver Violations that you need to be aware of!

Top 10 Driver Violations:

  1. Log Violation
  2. Drivers record of duty status not current
  3. Driver not in possession of medical certificate
  4. Non-English speaking driver
  5. Requiring or permitting driver to drive after 14 hours on duty
  6. State/Local Laws – speeding 6-10 miles per hour over the speed limit
  7. Failing to use seat belt while operating CMV
  8. State/Local Laws – Speeding 1-5 miles per hour over the speed limit
  9. Requiring or permitting driver to drive more than 11 hours
  10. False report of drivers record of duty status

Are you ready for your next on-the-spot safety check-up? Here is everything you need to know for an unexpected roadside inspection.

First Impression – Making a good impression is a major key to a successful inspection. First thing to do is to keep your truck and equipment clean. Sometimes you can’t help if it is raining or snowing that day but if it has been a few days since then you could be cited for that. Inspectors are more likely to let you go if you have a clean cab. However, if things are messy then the official might think that his chances of finding something wrong are higher. Lastly, be familiar with roadside inspection procedures, which includes knowing how to properly answer DOT related questions.

Easy Fixes – These are common defects that inspectors typically find:

  • Tires with deficient tread
  • Defective or missing lighting
  • Grease or oil leaks
  • Non-working headlights, turn signals, and taillights

Proper Care of Documents – Inspectors are impressed if you take care of your documents and have them available and ready for them. A way to keep important documents handy and in order is putting them in a binder or folder so it’s easy to access when needed. Keeping your logs up-to-date will the make the whole process much smoother as well.

Be Respectful! – Being disrespectful from the beginning will get you off on the wrong foot with the official inspecting you. Don’t be defensive or rude to them. They are doing their job just like you. Having a bad attitude will more than likely lead to the inspector looking twice as hard and writing you up for things that could have easily been a warning.

A roadside inspection is not something that drivers look forward too, but it’s a part of the job. Being prepared and following these guidelines will help for a much smoother inspection process…now who’s ready for their next roadside inspection?

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