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7 Safety Tips For Summer Driving

Did you know that there are dangers to driving during the summertime? There are just as many dangers to driving in the summer as there are in the winter. It’s very important to be informed of these dangers and how to take precautionary measures for summer safety!

  1. Truckers Arm – This is known as the strange tan line on a drivers left arm, caused by exposure from the sun while driving. Yes, it may be funny to look at but there are some serious risks associated with that much sun exposure. You can help avoid this by using a sun sleeve, sunscreen, window covers, or wearing long sleeves.
  2. Extra Drivers – Most families vacation during the summer months which means that the amount of cars on the highway increases. You always need to be alert while driving but when there is more traffic on the highways, alertness by the driver needs to be increased.
  3. Brake Check – Be sure to check your brakes throughout the summer. The summer heat can cause loss of friction for brakes. Brake components can’t absorb extra heat, which leads to brake fading. Be diligent about checking the brakes before a trip!
  4. Construction Season – Summertime means construction time! It’s always importantSummer Safety to be careful driving through a construction zone to avoid an accident or a ticket. Fines are often doubled or even tripled in work zones, so be extra cautious this summer when driving through a construction zone.
  5. Blowouts – Tire blowouts aren’t uncommon in the summer. Under-inflated tires increase the risk of having tire blowouts. Before leaving for a delivery or before leaving for a vacation, be sure to check your tire pressure!
  6. Summer Storms – Even though summer brings beautiful weather, it can also bring severe thunderstorms. Be aware of the weather forecast and if you could be driving into any storms on your route.
  7. Extra Water – In the event that you do experience car trouble, it’s always good to have extra water on hand while you’re waiting for assistance to keep yourself hydrated in the hot temperatures of the summer!!

The summer months can be a dangerous time for both the driver and the vehicle so take the safety tips for yourself and the vehicle safety tips above and put them into action now before it’s too late!

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