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Acquiring Talent In A Tight Labor Market

Look around wherever you are and you will likely see “Help Wanted” or “Now Hiring” signs hung in windows and posted on doors. An online search for employment on most any type of position or job, will get several, if not hundreds, of options for employers looking for qualified candidates. Look even more closely, and you’ll notice that some of these positions have been open or active for months!

Companies have had to change the way they look at talent recruiting. The days of running an ad in the local newspaper and sitting back to watch the candidates flock in are long gone.

At Keller Logistics Group and affiliates, we recognize that if we want to attract top talent, we needed to shake up the way we go about recruiting that talent!

Hiring Tools and Methods We Use

Social Media

Over the past few years, we have transitioned from advertising in either magazines or newspapers, to mainly online recruiting via Facebook, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, or on our website. By meeting our prospective employees where they are spending their time online, we are finding much better results in recruiting for a wide variety of positions.

An active social media presence highlighting our work culture allows future employees to see us as a company they want to work for. We show how we appreciate all our employees, and encourage their continued success.

We also believe it’s important for employees to know that they are part of a higher purpose, and that we are doing good for our fellow man. Keller Logistics Group’s Operation KAVIC program to assist local veterans has become a company project that is very near and dear to many peoples’ hearts! Employees volunteer on many levels, to help make this a success.

Local Colleges and Universities

We attend job fairs at a variety of schools throughout Northwest Ohio to get our company name out there to students who many not otherwise know we exist. This way, they can discover the wide range of opportunities available at Keller – from Accounting, IT, Marketing, HR and Sales to any operations-type position within our affiliates.

At college job fairs, we recruit full-time employment, as well as for a variety of internships and our Management Trainee program.


We offer a variety of project-based internships throughout the year, based on the needs of our departments. This allows students to learn about Keller while gaining practical experience in their desired field. Ideally, upon graduation, we become a desired place for future employment, if not for them personally, perhaps for a referred friend with similar interests and skill sets.

Management Trainee Program

We also hire individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain or Business to take part in a 6-month program that allows them to learn all aspects of our company by spending time with various departments and management staff. At the end of the program, we discuss the candidate’s likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, and interests in various areas, then do our best to place the individual in an area that will best suit them as well as Keller.

We’ve had great success with individuals completing the program then moving into leadership or management roles within the company.

When the above recruiting strategies aren’t enough to ensure we have all the employees needed to complete the job, the next step is to look to outsourcing.


The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2000, creating a very competitive labor market. In order to meet our customers’ product demand, we may look to temp agencies for short term hiring as an option, along with hiring agencies for hard to find professional positions.

Oftentimes a customer needs to outsource labor in order to get the job done. For example, scenarios where outsourcing packaging/assembly functions may be necessary:

  • Seasonality; ramp up (WHS) and meeting highly variable demand
  • New/frequent product launches
  • High labor content packaging
  • Capability you don’t possess like e-commerce
  • Quality inspections for manufacturing errors
  • Sorting
  • Labor constraints

Bryan Keller, CEO of Keller Logistics Group, further explains the benefits of outsourcing certain aspects of your manufacturing to a contract packager in his recent blog post.

As the candidate pool remains tight, we want to continue coming up with fresh ideas to attract talent in order to provide the resources needed to meet our customers’ product or services demands.

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