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Preventing Cargo Theft

Keller Employees Put The Brakes On Cargo Theft

Recently at Keller, our Safety department held a training for 20 Trucking and Brokerage employees. This is the first time that our employees have been through a training session for tips on how to prevent theft and reduce costs. Cargo theft continues to create challenges for the transportation industry affecting every stage in the cargo chain. Truck stops, highway rest areas, unsecured lots, and distribution centers are frequent targets. Protecting cargo along the way is key to successful deliveries. Our employees attended an hour long session and learned the following tips to help secure cargo.

Tips to Securing Cargo

Communicate Consistently with Dispatch

Drivers should maintain communication with dispatch during stops at high risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas. They should inform dispatch of the address of the stop, duration of the stop and how long they will be away from the truck/cargo. Drivers should always have their cell phone when away from the load.

Keep Cargo Moving

Cargo at Rest is Cargo at Risk – Define limits on how long a loaded trailer/container can remain unattended. Be aware of high theft areas in the country that could be part of a route. Limit the need for weekend transits to minimize loads being staged for extended time periods while waiting for weekday delivery.

Know Where Thefts are Occurring

Focus on the “hot spots” and “hot times” near busy ports and their surrounding areas with the highest rate of theft occurring in CA, TX, NJ, IL, FL, GA. Thefts spike around the holidays and are also more frequent on weekends (particularly Saturdays) and late in the afternoon when drivers stop for food and rest.

Park in Secure Locations

Park vehicles in well-lit spaces and be alert to danger signals such as signs that a vehicle may be following you or paying undo attention to you (e.g. facilities that appear to be under criminal surveillance). Consider employing a security company or utilizing a parking lot with a security guard to control incoming and exiting traffic.

Safety is our main priority and by partaking in these Safety Trainings, we are taking the necessary steps to fulfill that. There will be more training in the future through Vertical Alliance. Thank you to all the Keller employees who took the initiative to learn tips on how to prevent theft and reduce cost

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