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Keller Trucking: A Day Riding Shotgun

As a new member of the Keller Logistics Crew, more specifically Keller Trucking, I went on an adventure to learn more about what it is like to be a professional truck driver. While it was a relatively short adventure, it was more action packed than a Steven Seagal movie. With every shift of the tractor, a new thought came into my head and another lesson was learned. Here are a few thoughts that will put you in the seat just as I was.

Are We in a Freightliner or Boeing 747?

The first thing I saw when I hopped up in the truck was the abundance of buttons, levers, switches, screens and other gizmos. I have to be honest, I didn’t know if we were still driving to our destination or flying at that point. The ability of our truck drivers to know all the systems and buttons while also having the dexterity to use them is truly remarkable. No ladies and gentlemen, it is not simply get in your truck and drive.

The Art of Backing

Having grew up on a farm I know how dreadfully irritating backing a trailer can be. I would fight it, pull forward, back up, get out and look, and the trailer would still be nowhere close to my target. Watching our drivers back their tractor trailers into the docks on the first try without a drip of sweat on their brow kind of made me feel like less of a man. When you can back something effortlessly with a steering axle more than 53 feet away from the end of your trailer, you have my respect.

Truckers’ Behinds are One of a Kind

Not only do I have more respect for our drivers now, I also have more respect for their behinds. Despite only spending one day on the road, when I returned to the yard and hopped out of the truck (stepped out of the truck while using three points of contact) I nearly crumpled two times over. With the absence of the air-ride/spring seat on the passenger side of the tractor, It felt like I had just ridden a horse bareback for seven days through the Rocky Mountains. After our return I was fighting off cramps, thanking the driver, and thinking “We have some tough guys and gals driving for us here at Keller Trucking,” all at the same moment.

All in all I had a fantastic experience and couldn’t have asked for better drivers to show me a little bit about their trade. Our drivers are in a league of their own, and I am thankful to be able to work so closely with them. There is more to come regarding the action-packed second part of my adventure so be sure to subscribe, don’t miss out!

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